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High Performance, Handmade YoYo Strings

Taking a break from string making while new job requires nearly all of my time.
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Why HeartStrings?

Attention to Detail

Made one at a time.
There are no shortcuts here. Every inch of every thread passes though my fingers before it gets spun up into a loved HeartString.

Modern Design

The world of yoyo strings is changing.
I only use high quality threads of both Slick Polyesters and Non-Bonded Nylons to bring high performing, long lasting strings. 

Yellow and Blue string to match a yellow and blue splash yoyo.

Quality Threads

I use smooth, slick, high quality threads for my strings. No frizzy, fuzzy, cheap bulk stuff here. 

Contact Me

Drop me a line!

Want to give me a piece of your mind? Got a compliment, comments, or just want to tell me a joke?

I am always around. Let me know how I can do a better job so I can provide the yoyo world with even better strings. <3

HeartStrings YoYo Strings

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